Monthly Archive for: ‘August, 2012’

  • Basic privilege esculation for newbi

    When we first gain access to a Linux box there is a good chance that we have gotten a low level account. The next step is usually to escalate our privileges (give us access to more than we have now) up so we can view …

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  • Web App for newbi PART 2

    XSS (Cross site Scripting) The first attack I intend to try is XSS. I look for both stored and reflected XSS. The way I like to test for XSS is using the tag I will place this into any form field and if there is …

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  • Web Apps for newbi PART 1

    This guide is written with newbie’s in mind to show them some of the basic concepts when testing web applications and trying to bring them up to speed on testing web applications. It’s not designed to be a one stop solution but a way to …

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