Blogs with useful tools and information

digininja – A collection of open source ethical hacking and security tools mixed with information related to security topics.
spiderlabs – The Official Blog of Trustwave’s SpiderLabs
jabawoki – A collection of articles and theories
Packet Storm – Security information portal. Offers database of advisories, exploits, tools, papers and security news.
Hacker Highschool – Free lesson and workbooks on security
Hell Bound Hackers HellBound Hackers provides the hands-on approach to computer security
g0tmi1k – Videos and other useful information
irongeek – Lots of great information – Nitesh Dhanjani is a well known security researcher, author, and speaker
tmacuk – Thomas Mackenzie Blog Director of
TCP|UDP Ports – List of TCP and UDP Port numbers
darkreading – 10 Reasons why security professional get hired
mcgrewsecurity – Infomation and tools for computer security professionals
ferruh.mavituna – Information on SQL and other security stuff
buchananweb – Bill Buchanan is a Professor in the School of Computing at Edinburgh Napier University
pentestmonkey – lots of tools and Blog entries
room362 – Lots of useful information – Alternative to hydra
ha.ckers – Lots useful stuff on hacking
myne-us.blogspot – Material on exploitation
grey-corner – A blog focused on software exploitation
nullthreat – Fuzzing and exploit development
manvswebapp – Man vs Web
synjunkie – Another useful blog
corelan – Corelan Team
drupal-security-expert – Website all about Drupal Security
TheXero – Exploit Research
Bernardodamele – Creator of SQLMAP
Luppin – More useful security stuff
myne-us – More useful security stuff
Ryan Dewhurst – Ryan Dewhurst wp-scan
teh-geek – lots useful information
Robert McArdle – lots useful information
Michael Boman – vulnerabilities and malicious code

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