Cover Note

A cover note is usually the first thing a test team manger will see so it has to stand out and be customised. What I mean here is don’t write one cover note and sending it to every company. If the company requires a cover note make sure its more tailed to that company. Look at the job requirements and try included that in the cover note sell yourself to the company.

In order to produce a good cover note you should be reading the job requirements and trying to prove you have that experience and the skills to do the job they are advertising. This is a good chance to tell them more about you and why you would be a great person to have on their team. Again this should be only about a page long as you don’t want to tell them your life story but just enough about you that they like what they read.  The cover note should be unique for each job you apply for. There maybe some aspects that are the same but there is a good chance that each job is looking for something different. The same tips should apply for a cover note as a curriculum vitae make sure there are no spelling mistakes or grammar mistakes.