Elearn Security PRO

I decided to do the Elearn security pro course as it offers option to pay as you go. This is a really good course the layout of the training is very well done. If you pick the pay as you go option that involves paying around £170 for the first month then around £150 x 2. The only downside to this is you have to wait in order to get access to certain area of the course. So the first payment will give you access to the web apps part but if you finish this you have to wait until the next payment is taken to gain acces to the next section of the course.

The first section of the course you have access to is Web application in this module you cover a wide range of web topics including the OWASP top ten. XSS,SQL injections,CSRF,RFI, and local file inclusions to name a few.

The next section of the course is about security in general and covers things like ciphers and exploits and the last section covers general networking so information gathering to gaining access.Since I have singed up to the course they have updated the material to v2 the new material just makes this course even better they have added material on password cracking as well using metasploit to exploit machines. I would advise looking at the new syllabus to see all the changes. Also with the new v2 version they have a new lab that is awesome it helps you practice your skills and master them knowing your not doing any damage.

The Exam
The purpose of the exam is to test you and if you pass you gain eCPPT certificate you get access to the exam as soon as you sign up to the course this is a vm image that you download and contain a website. The aim of the exam is to conduct a pen test against this site and write a report based on your findings. If you pick the pay as you go option you have 120 days to complete the exam from the last payment date. I started the exam from day one just using the lab to list things I would report before finally putting in for the exam. You are expect to find as many issue as you can and find ones that are high risk to the client as possible. I passed this exam first time what I was really shocked at as it has very high fail rate and most people pass it second time around.

Overall I think this by far the best course I have done to date this is simple because the material is fantastic and the support behind it is super anytime i had a problem it was fixed within hours. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is new to pen tester as you will gain lots from it but also to anyone who interested in security this is a great little course.