Curriculum Vitae

I wanted to add a page about writing a curriculum vitae for a job position. First of all don’t get me wrong I am no expert in this field but I have applied for a few jobs in my time and think this could be useful to others.

Tip one
The first tip is just keep it simple don’t add information that is not needed and takes up valuable space that could be put to better use  For example don’t include: Address,Driving license,Photo, References and too much information about the jobs you have done. If they want to know they will ask in the interview or after if you have the job. Only add information that add value to the job you are applying for. For Example if you work at KFC thats great but I don’t care what your duties were at KFC. Only add this type of information if its related to the job your applying for. An Example of this would be I worked at KFC where I was the It manger which involved penetration our networks.

Tip Two
The aim of the curriculum vitae is to be interesting but to the point. Having too many pages will just get your curriculum vitae discarded in the bin. I got send a curriculum vitae the other day that was nine pages long to give to my boss. My boss like other test team mangers are very busy people they are not going to look over a CV thats has so many pages. In my option it should be around two pages long and to the point with lots bullet points instead mass section of text.

Tip Three
When you apply for a job there a good chance it will land on the desk of HR (Human Resources) and they will filter the curriculum vitae looking for key words. There is a good chance they will not be very technical and be looking for key words like CREST, TIGER, CISSP so on. Its a good idea to include these key words on your curriculum vitae depending on the role you are applying for. A good example of this would be: I am currently studying for the CREST CRT exam.

Tip Four
So after you have done the above step you need to take a look  at the presentation, is it easy to read? If the company prints it out can they still read it? Have you got a sensible email address? For example ‘’ is not really suitable. It is also a very good idea to try and include any dates where possible, as most security jobs require you to go thought a level of security checks and they will ask you for dates you started and left jobs and schools etc.

Tip Five
There is a good chance that you are applying for a job that involves reporting, attention to detail and grammar. We all fail at this stage lets face it, if you are technically minded there is a good chance you are not going to be the best at spelling and grammar. The tip here is to get someone who is good at these to read you curriculum vitae and also pay attention to detail when sending in the curriculum vitae to the company if they ask you to send it to a certain email address and you don’t its looks like you can’t follow simple instructions. I recently saw a CV where the person had spelt a very well know security conference wrong.