OSWP – Offensive Security Wireless Professional

What I wanted to do was try and get some experience in Pen testing but due to the fact that I was on a tight budget, as I only work part time, I could not afford to do some of the courses I wanted to. After some online research and asking on many Security Forums I was advised to try for the OSWP. As long as you have a good understanding of TCP/IP and basic Linux skills you should be fine with this course.

You first have to contact Offensive Security and let them know you wish to do a course with them. They then ask you to fill in some forms which do not take long, mainly asking you where you have got your Linux and TCP/IP experience from as well as a disclaimer form stating if you can’t do the course it’s your own responsibility.

Once this has been done you need to make the payment. You can use Credit Card or PayPal and the amount is $350 for the course and Exam. This works out at around £220. After payment it usually takes about three days to get the course material which involves Videos and a 500 page PDF document. The course covers most of the wireless applications on the backtrack live CD mainly the Aircrack-ng suit. The PDF takes you from a basic concept and builds you up from that with screen shots of wireshark dumps showing you how the packets work, and gives you a good understanding of what is happening. I would really recommend reading the PDF first before watching the videos even though the first chapters in the PDF are very boring, they will give you a much better understanding of what’s going.

Once you are past chapter 3, it then talks about choosing hardware. Before you start this course you should have your wireless card already purchased and tested to make sure it works correctly (see Aircrack-ng Website for more information). This chapter also talks about different types of antennas.

Now all this is out of the way the fun starts. The next few chapters involve you using the Aircack Suit and showing you how to gain the important information to attack WEP and WPA wireless networks. The main tools covered are Aimon-ng, Aireplay-ng, Aircrack-ng, Packetforge-ng, Airecap-ng, Airtun-ng, Weeside-ng, Easside-ng and Airolin-ng some of the other tools that they touch on include Kismet.

The Exam

The exam for this is four hours long, which is plenty of time to pass. I have just taken the exam and wasted about an hour and a half stressing myself out as nothing was working that I tried. The exam requires you to crack WEP and WPA wireless access points as well as providing documentation on what you did. The only advice I could give to you is this is an Offensive security and the exam is not that easy they do require you to know advance attack methods. Overall I felt some parts of this exam were easy for me and other parts did drive me mad. I think one main problem I had when using some more advanced attack methods was knowing if they were working or if I was wasting time.

Overall this course has been very interesting for me and the main reason I did this was for the certification of OSWP. All the information to crack Wep and Wpa wireless can be found on Aircrack-ng Website but if like me you want your first security Certification I would recommend this course.

Version 3 of the OSWP is out will be writing update once I have it

OSCP – Offensive Security Certified Professional

I also plan to do the OSCP as soon as I can afford it and get time.