Here are some useful links which may aid you in learning.

Complete Operating Systems

(Offline) Web Based
Hackme Bank (McAfee)
Hackme Casino (McAfee)
Hackme Books (McAfee)
Hackme Shipping (McAfee)
Hackme Travel (McAfee)
Broken Web Apps Project (OWASP)
Bonsai Moth
Web Security Dojo (Maven)
Webgoat (OWASP)
Damn Vulnerable Web App
SecuriBench (Stanford)
Vicnum (ipsaplus)

(Online) Web Based
PCTechTips – pwn3d the login form
Can You XSS This?
Test x5s
XSS Progphp
XSS Quiz


Default Router Password List – Default password for routers
Top 100 Network Security Tools – List of top security tools
Security Xploded – Useful tools and information
Social Engineer Social Engineering – Exploiting Human Vulnerabilities.
aircrack-ng – Tool for cracking WEP and WPA
The Hackers Choice – Information and tools
fuzzdb – Lots fuzzing stuff great with dirbuster
Nmap– Nmap nse documentation


digininja – A collection of open source ethical hacking and security tools mixed with information related to security topics.
spiderlabs – The Official Blog of Trustwave’s SpiderLabs
jabawoki – A collection of articles and theories
Packet Storm – Security information portal. Offers database of advisories, exploits, tools, papers and security news.
Hacker Highschool – Free lesson and workbooks on security
Hell Bound Hackers HellBound Hackers provides the hands-on approach to computer security
g0tmi1k – Videos and other useful information
irongeek – Lots of great information – Nitesh Dhanjani is a well known security researcher, author, and speaker
tmacuk – Thomas Mackenzie Blog Director of
TCP|UDP Ports – List of TCP and UDP Port numbers
darkreading – 10 Reasons why security professional get hired
mcgrewsecurity – Infomation and tools for computer security professionals
ferruh.mavituna – Information on SQL and other security stuff
buchananweb – Bill Buchanan is a Professor in the School of Computing at Edinburgh Napier University
pentestmonkey – lots of tools and Blog entries
room362 – Lots of useful information – Alternative to hydra
ha.ckers – Lots useful stuff on hacking
myne-us.blogspot – Material on exploitation
grey-corner – A blog focused on software exploitation
nullthreat – Fuzzing and exploit development
manvswebapp – Man vs Web
synjunkie – Another useful blog
corelan – Corelan Team
drupal-security-expert – Website all about Drupal Security
TheXero – Exploit Research
Bernardodamele – Creator of SQLMAP
Luppin – More useful security stuff
myne-us – More useful security stuff
Ryan Dewhurst – Ryan Dewhurst wp-scan
teh-geek – lots useful information
Robert McArdle – lots useful information
Michael Boman – vulnerabilities and malicious code


C/C++ Tutorials

C++ Language Tutorial – Complete tutorial that covers from basics up to object oriented programming.
Programming Tutorials C C++ – Understandable C and C++ tutorials.
codepedia – C++ tutorials.
cplusplus – C++ tutorials.


Beginners Guide – New to programming? This page lists some places that can get you started quickly.
Python Programming Tutorial
Google Python Video – Selection of You-tube video by google on Python


Ruby a Programmers Best Friend – A open source programming language with a focus on simplicity and productivity
Programming Ruby


Beginning Perl – An online version of the book by Simon Cozens that provides a complete introduction to Perl.
Practical Perl Programming

VI Editor

Vi Editor Basic – Basic commands for the Vi Editor

Coding course
udacity – Mixture of course from html to python

Bash Scripting
Advanced Bash Scripting – A guide for those wishing to start shell scripting.
Bash HowTO – Another Guide to Bash programming
PenTester Scripting – Site full of scripts to make life easy projectshellcode
Bash shell scripting tutorial
Bourne Shell Reference

Sans – Computer security training, certification and free resources – YouTube with security video
Penetration Testing Academy – YouTube videos on basic security
Metasploit – Introduction to Metasploit Tutorial
Black Hat – Black Hat Archives
thenewboston – The ultimate source for free video tutorials on all aspects python,php,c and loads more
pentest.cryptocity – Course website for Penetration Testing and Vulnerability analysis
Great site for video on security – Hak5


Young Professional Information Security Group – BCS Group

Information Security Specialist Group – BCS Group

Open Information System Security Group – Framework for Pentesting

Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual – Framework for Pentesting

itgovernance – one-stop-shop for IT Governance