I have been looking to do a new course to carry on improving my current skills the problems I have found were all the course I wanted to do were expensive. Throughout my development I have always used SecurityTube.net to watch videos then try them in my own lab and learn. Then finally Vivek the owner of SecurityTube started his own courses at an amazing price. Vivek attitude is something I really agree with that training should be free or cost affective. All the material on his site is free and the courses are a way to keep running SecurityTube. The first course was a wireless course I didn’t pick this course as I have done the OSWP course and in my current job we don’t do a lot of wireless testing. This week Vivek has released his second course Metasploit at a bargain price of £130 until the course starts.

I started the Metasploit course but due to the amount of time for the course I have to stop doing it for the time being there is just too much new information to take on overall I think there must be around 60 + video as you have to go thought the exploit research video too and I really need a clear head when attempting this certification. I have singed up to Vivek new course the python course that I hope be easy for to do at this current time so please come back for a review on that soon as I finish it.

Metasploit course

Metasploit Basics and Framework Organization
Server and Client Side Exploitation
Meterpreter – Extensions and Scripting
Database Integration and Automated Exploitation
Post Exploitation Kung-Fu – Exploring the system, Privilege escalation, Log deletion and AV / Firewall bypass
Token stealing and impersonation, Backdoors and Rootkits, Pivoting and Port forwarding, Railgun and Custom Scripting, Backdoor an Executable
Ruby Primer for Hackers
Writing Metasploit Modules – Auxiliary and Exploit
Exploit research with Metasploit- Buffer Overlows, SEH, DEP Bypass, Return Oriented Programming
Social Engineering Toolkit (SET) and Armitage
Scenario Based Hacking using Metasploit

Python course

Module 1: Python Scripting – Language Essentials
Module 2: System Programming and Security
Module 3: Network Security Programming – Sniffers and Packet Injectors
Module 4: Attacking Web Applications
Module 5: Exploitation Techniques
Module 6: Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering
Module 7: Attack Task Automation
Module 8: Further Study and Roadmap
Module 9: Exam Pattern and Mock Exam