Teensy Fake USB device

Ok so I purchased two teensy devices off the internet to have a look at. If you don’t know what this is then its worth looking into but a short description would be a USB that plugs into a computer and runs code. The device registers as a mouse/keyboard so bypasses any system that may have a lock on using a USB memory key. I got them the other day and then decide it would be cool if I could turn one into a fake USB memory key. This way I could use it as a Social engineering tool to help me gain access to a system for example: maybe I could say it had important documents on that were needed and ask the victim to plug the device in and print the documents.

Kit needed:
Teensy Device
USB Type A to Mini 5Pin B Male Connector Adapter
Case of a USB stick

I am still working on this just trying to locate a USB that will fit the device and adapter.
Teensy Device

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