I currently sit on the committee of the YPISG as the Training Manager. The purpose of the group is to try and bridge the gap we have in security where not enough young professionals are getting into security. The way we try and do this is by putting on security events to give our members useful information on how to get involved in security whether this be hands on training days or getting speakers from the industry in to talk to them about skills. The group is still pretty new and so far we have only put on two events with many more planned. There is a link to our Facebook page so please come and join for the latest news.

Securing a career in Information Security Sponsored by Needhams 1834

The first event we put on was run by our chair Mike Westmacot who works for IRM. The idea for the event was to discuss the best way to develop a career in information security. We had Paul Dorey, Chairman of IISP, Richard FitzHugh, consultant in Business Continuity at Needhams 1834, and Mike Case, a specialist information security recruiter and Director of Red Top Resources. The event was very successful with over 100 delegates attending the free event. More info..

Penetration Training Day Sponsored by IRM

The second event was a little bit more hands on than the first and was run by Mike Westmacot and myself. The plan was to give a talk on Penetration testing then have some hands on exercise using tools and techniques that were discussed. Most of the talks were done by Pen tester from IRM as they were sponsoring the event, they included Mike Wesmacot, Paul Midian and Varun Uppal. My main duty was the organization of the event and the smooth running of the event throughout the day. After the talks IRM had supplied a capture the flag game which allowed the delegates to practice some nmap scans. The aim was to find special codes on the system that they could enter into a score board to get points. Some of the codes where hidden in locations like robots.txt, mysql database, and FTP accounts.


We held our first ever AGM and it seem to go off with no problems. I was not present as I was busy with work but I got reelected to be the training manger, the same position I help before.

Crypto Event

The Group recently held another event at the London offices based on a intro to Crypto. We was very lucky to get Prof. Fred Piper from Royal Holloway to come along and speak. Fred was an excellent speak however there was just not enough time but we hope to get Fred back another time to speak again.

Upcoming Events

We try and arrange Events on security issue that we hope will help our members gain the job they are looking for. We hope to be putting on more events soon so check out our Facebook page if you want to know more.